So What, Now Zardari Amirul Momineen?

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So What, Now Zardari Amirul Momineen?

What used to be a bath will now have to be a swimming pool, because the number of people who seem to be “fresh” will make the bath too small. Looking at them, one does not think that a researcher needs a telescope or a microscope to investigate the issues and personalities by himself. If the researcher wants the final form of the thesis or publication, he should do it simply by Bismillah. Plagiarism will automatically be a reference here.

It has been said that: “Caravans stay in swamps, leaders still remain leaders.” In earlier times, it used to be that when a bureaucrat retired, he would write down some events, and people benefited from his pen’s grace. Even if he formed his own opinion, good or bad, the writer would be guilty of the crime of trying to be credible and honest.

Now everyone doesn’t write “Apna Griban Chak” and you don’t meet Minto in general, nor are there presidents from the West who were first forced and then empowered, someone becomes president from a cobbler or a weaver from a prime minister. . Here, all the subsidizing elites have to do it. A president like Roosevelt rises up and turns the economic quagmire into an American mess, that too in just a hundred days, directs the institutions on the radio, gives jobs to the helpless on technological grounds, and bankrupts the banks. Saves, and destroys stability in a state of war, even though a paraplegic in both his legs dies standing his country on its feet because he is mentally disabled and not a patient of greed and nepotism.

However, the national foundations that should have been created by the contemporary by reading books, and by the teacher reading books, is now hollowing out social media, which has no editor and no hand of credibility. For the past seven decades, we were divided into Muhajir and local, Sunni and Wahhabi, Chaudhary and Kami, civil “servants” and subjects. Chor Sadhu.” He didn’t stop here, when he came to make a pretense of nationalism, he said, “I know the West more than the West.” Wow!

From the phone calls of the Prime Minister’s House to the calls of the House of Gujarat, they are uprooting those dead bodies saying, “In the name of Allah, there is no house left, not even the Sultan.” Do not ask anything! If we look at the scenes from 2008 to 2013 through the lens of the current situation, then the scenario of the story of Paki Daaman starts to appear, so call this modern era the famine of men or the revelations and developments? To save his life, Hussain agrees to revisit the Haqqani case, the Gilani Prime Minister’s impeachment, and the Garrison City tragedy of Osama. ”

Who has not tasted wine, who swears falsely, who escapes from wine, is drowned in your eyes! On a stay order against Mr. Zardari, the Chief Minister of Punjab could take out the entire period, and with today’s knowledge of cases, it is impossible to catch the speed of some cases or to slow them down.

Someone turned back saying 35 punctures was a political statement, just like those who resigned after cursing the National Assembly now say that this is also a political statement. When some people used to say from 2018 to 2022 why Imran Khan has now put all the dirt (according to him) in his cradle, then the answer would have been, Imran Khan used to say the poor where to get angels, then why talk like angels. do? Going back a little further, Zardari Sahib had acted in the case of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry with some discretion, then those who wore kalakot against Geelani threw away the robe of the Charter of Democracy.

Also remember the time when General Musharraf, later PPP organized rental power plants, there was an uproar against it prejudice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took the project with open arms, but changed the name of the project (IPPs) to Muslim League. Nawaz also depended on them, after all, former Prime Minister and former Federal Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and the current Speaker of the National Assembly were punished by the same courts, but the dust that has been raised and polluted cannot be returned. The news is seen as big, who reads the denial of the news? He had just talked about brick by brick, but Mian Sahib turned down the dinner, Zardari had to go abroad, and even today people do not go to get bail from the court themselves so that the bail can be delivered home. … Ten percent still Asif Ali Zardari?

Those who say don’t be neutral, make me permanent, otherwise, they have been constantly thorned, those who managed to move towards the presidential system perceptibly and imperceptibly, those who sometimes called the United States and sometimes the generals bad at the global level, and Pakistan. Foreign and defense affairs and secrets have been scattered. They are called Smart and who, while being president, gave powers from the presidency to the parliament and raised the voice of democracy through the 18th amendment. Accusations on them, bad loyalists of the NFC award, and gas from Iran. The track record of those who disagree with the agreement has become that of the democratic Amir-ul-Momineen in the recent litmus test, so should Asif Ali Zardari be called the democratic Amir-ul-Momineen in the context of the recent test?

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